Chinese imperial dishes can be traced back to the Xia (ca.21st-16th century BC), Shang (ca. l6th-11th century BC) and Zhou (11th century-221 BC) dynasties and lasted to the Qing Dynasty, with a history of 4,000-5,000 years. The cooking techniques of the Chinese imperial dishes have reached the world's top. Thanks to the constant study and improvement, the imperial dishes have become a unique cuisine style, which occupies a position in the Hundred Flower Garden of the Chinese Culinary Arts.

To argue that Chinese cuisine is the best or most popular cuisine is pointless and irrelevant in this context but to state that it's the most complex cuisine is doubtless. Culture and ingredients come through as the two most important aspects. Chinese cuisine is ordered on the Eight Great Traditions —  regional styles that form the foundation of most differences in Chinese cooking.

The Chinese have studied and commented on their foods for centuries and have a very comprehensive list of all foods that can be eaten. There are lists of reserves that are referred to in times of hardship such as famine and in fact during one of the phases of the Cultural Revolution, famine was a reality. Food was prepared with reference to these manuscripts and books and the use of products that will never be seen in restaurants, for some were life sustaining. An eyeopening example was given in Jung Chang's "Wild Swans" where a fungus was cultivated in human urine in the homes and then prepared for consumption

The balance of foods is extremely important in Chinese cuisine with two distinct lines being grain (fan) with meat & vegetables being (ts'ai). The two are treated separately, they may be combined but not mixed homogeneously: an example being  dumplings with their wrappers ( there are exceptions that come to mind). The philosophy of Yin and Yang and the balance associated with good health extends to food as foods also can be described within the Yin and Yang philosophy.  Many imbalances are treated with supplemented Yin or Yang foods. Likewise an imbalance in the Yin and Yang diet can also be a cause of illness and must be adjusted to equilibrium. 

Frugality is another feature of Chinese food philosophy and gluttony being such a sin as to cause the loss of favour of dynasties with  Heaven. In such cases of excess dynasties have collapsed.

The Chinese are exceptionally food oriented beyond any other society. Even Confucius implied that perhaps one of the most important qualifications of a Chinese gentleman was his knowledge and skill pertaining to food and drink. . . . and finally a modern commentary with reference to Chinese food culture wraps it up "....China has shown a greater inventiveness than any other civilization"

  1. Abalone with Pork Stomach in Broth
  2. Anise Wine (Grape-Based) 茴香酒
  3. Ants Climbing a Tree 蚂蚁上树
  4. Aromatic Sweet Soy Sauce (Fu Zhi Jiang You)
  5. Baked Roast-Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao) 烤烤,豬肉包子
  6. Bamboo Shoot Soup
  7. Bang Bang Chicken 棒棒雞
  8. Beef Congee 牛肉粥
  9. Beijing Duck Canapes 北京烤鴨烤麵包
  10. BeiJing Kao Ya 北京烤鸭 (Beijing Roast Duck)
  11. Black Chicken Soup with Goji and  Yam 黑雞湯枸杞漿果和山藥
  12. Black Chicken Soup 黑雞湯
  13. Braised and Fried Pig's Tails 紅燒豬尾巴
  14. Braised Beef Balls 红烧牛肉丸
  15. Braised Chinese Trotters 冬菇猪蹄
  16. Braised Lamb
  17. Char Yoke (Braised Pork with Black Funghi)
  18. Cashew Chicken (腰果鸡丁)
  19. Chicken and Corn Soup (鸡肉和玉米汤)
  20. Chicken, Beef and Pork Floss
  21. Chicken Corn Soup  雞肉玉米湯食譜
  22. Chicken Feet with Mushrooms and Ginger (凤爪蘑菇,姜)
  23. Chicken in Lettuce Cups (Sung Choi Bao 生菜包) [2 recipes]
  24. Chicken Mushroom Soup 鸡肉蘑菇汤
  25. Chicken Noodle Soup 雞面
  26. Chicken Soup  withBaby Bok Choy 雞湯與嬰兒配方白菜
  27. Chicken Soup with Chinese Angelica Root 雞肉湯當歸
  28. Chicken Soup with Cordyceps 蟲草雞湯
  29. Chicken Soup with Dang Shen and Old Cucumber 雞肉湯堂沉老黃瓜
  30. Chicken Soup with Red Dates and Milk 
  31. Chicken Soup with Yam and Arrowroot 雞湯食譜新鮮山藥,葛粉
  32. Chicken-feet Soup 雞腳湯
  33. Chinese Chillie Sauce (中國辣椒醬)
  34. Chinese Chicken Soup with Solomon's Seal 中國雞湯與所羅門的封印
  35. Chinese Chicken Soups 中国鸡肉汤
  36. Chinese Chicken Stock (中国鸡汤)
  37. Chinese Crisp Shallot Garnish 脆葱配菜
  38. Chinese Crullers 油条 (You Tiao)
  39. Chinese Dipping Powder 胡椒鹽
  40. Chinese Eggplant Salad
  41. Chinese Dipping Sauces 中浸漬醬 (Selection Menu)
  42. Chinese Dipping Sauce #1 (Soy, sesame, garlic and vinegar)
  43. Chinese Dipping Sauce #2 (Soy, sesame, garlic, hoisin, ginger)
  44. Chinese Dipping Sauce #3 (Mustard, soy, vinegar and sesame)
  45. Chinese Dipping Sauce #4 (peanut, cloves, cilantro, mint soy, chillie, stock)
  46. Chinese Dipping Sauce #5 (Chillie, garlic, red vinegar, soy, ginger)
  47. Chinese Dipping Sauce #6 (Soy, stock, scallions, ginger, chillie)
  48. Chinese Dipping Sauce #7 (Hoison, garlic, ginger, soy, sesame, chillie, peanut)
  49. Chinese Dipping Sauce #8 (Vinegar, chillie, garlic, sugar)
  50. Chinese Dipping Sauce #9 (Plum jam, vinegar, onion, ginger, allspice, garlic)
  51. Chinese Dipping Sauce #10 (Soy, red rice vinegar, sesame, ginger, cilantro)
  52. Chinese Dipping Sauce #11 (Soy, black vinegar)
  53. Chinese Dipping Sauce #12 (Soy, black vinegar, chillie)
  54. Chinese Dipping Sauce #13 (Soy, rice vinegar, rice wine, scallion, garlic, sesame, chillie)
  55. Chinese Dipping Sauce #14. (Chillie, onion, garlic, white vinegar, soy, sesame oil)
  56. Chinese Ginger Dipping Sauce (中国姜蘸料)(2 recipes)
  57. Chinese Hot Mustard. 中國芥末
  58. Chinese Kidney Straws
  59. Chinese Pork Kidneys 中國豬肉腎
  60. Chinese Red Dipping Sauce 中國紅沾醬
  61. Chinese Regional Specialty Foods and Snacks
  62. Chinese Rice Dumplings (Buk Chang/Zongzi)
  63. Chinese Roast Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao)
  64. Chinese Roast Pork 中國烤豬肉
  65. ChineseScallion Pancakes 葱油饼
  66. Chinese Shrimp
  67. Chinese Steamed Egg 蒸蛋
  68. Chinese Style Roast Suckling Pig
  69. Chinese Yeast Dough 麵團中酵母
  70. Chongqing Hot Pot(重庆火锅)
  71. Claypot Shao Xing Drunken Chicken 绍兴鸡煮酒 (shào xīng jī zhǔjiǔ)
  72. Congee告別 (A universal base preparation)
  73. Congee, Zhou, Joke, Rice Porridge Varieties
  74. Cornbread 玉米麵包
  75. Crispy Shanghai Spring Rolls (上海脆皮春卷)
  76. Deep Fried Liver and Kidney
  77. DippingSauces for Dumplings 浸漬醬的餃子
  78. Dong Po Rou東坡肉 (Dongpo Pork)
  79. DragonWell Shrimp 龙仁静霞 (Longjing Xiaren)
  80. Egg Flower Soup 蛋花汤
  81. Eggplant and Pork Szechuan Style 四川茄子和豬肉
  82. EightTreasure Congee 八寶粥 (Ba Bao Zhou)
  83. Eight Treasure Duck 八珍惜鸭
  84. Fish Fragrant Eggplant 鱼香茄子
  85. Fish Head Soup with Pickled Mustard-Greens
  86. Fish Head with Chopped Chili 剁椒鱼头(duòjiāoyútóu)
  87. Ginger Chicken Soup姜雞湯
  88. Ginger Dipping Sauce 姜蘸醬
  89. Gui Ji 鬼雞 (Ghost Chicken)
  90. Grass Jelly (Mesona Chinensis) 涼粉
  91. Healthy ChickenSoup 健康雞湯
  92. Hong Kong Crispy Roasted Pork Belly (Siu Yuk) 脆皮燒肉
  93. Hong Kong Snacks
  94. Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣湯
  95. Hot Chillie Paste
  96. Hot Chinese Mustard 芥末辣中
  97. Hot, Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce
  98. Hunan Red Braised Pork Belly 湖南紅毛氏紅燒肉
  99. Huushuur (Mongolian fried meat pasties)(蒙古炸肉馅饼)
  100. Inspiring ChineseYum Cha
  101. Jackfruit Seed Curry 菠萝蜜种子库里
  102. Jaozi for a dim sum banquet (饺子的宴会点心)
  103. Jian Dui 煎堆 (Sesame Balls with Bean Filling)
  104. Jiang Yu Ji 醬油雞 (Soy Sauce Chicken)
  105. Kansui. (Chinese Alkaline Salts for Cooking) 碱水 / 鹼水
  106. Kumquat Sauce 金橘醬
  107. Lap Cheong (Waxed Sausage) 臘腸
  108. Lap Yuk 自制腊肉 (Chinese Bacon)
  109. Lemon Chicken 檸檬雞
  110. Lion's Head Meatballs (狮子的狮子头)
  111. Longevity Noodles
  112. Long-Stewed Claypot Pork Belly (陶器长时间炖猪肉腹)
  113. Lychee Duck
  114. Lychee Wine 荔枝酒
  115. Mandarin Pancakes 國語煎餅
  116. Momos: Tibetan style
  117. Mongolian Beef (蒙古牛肉)
  118. Mongolian Grill(蒙古烧烤)
  119. Mongolian Lamb (蒙古羔羊)
  120. Moo Goo Gai Pan 蘑菇雞片
  121. Moo Shu Pork Pancakes. 木須肉煎餅
  122. Mushroom Lettuce Cups 鸡肉和蘑菇生菜杯
  123. Mushroom Sauté. (煎蘑菇)
  124. Nian Gao 年糕 (Chinese New Year Cake)
  125. Northern Style Pancakes
  126. Noodle Pancake with Fried Chicken Liver Topping.
  127. Over the Bridge Noodles 過橋麵條 (guò qiáo miàn tiáo)
  128. Oyster Pancakes
  129. Oysters with Black Beans 黑豆牡蠣
  130. Perfect Chinese Steamed Fish (中国清蒸鱼)
  131. Pig Stomach, Peppercorns & Preserved Vegetables Soup
  132. Pig’s Trotter with Vinegar
  133. Pork and Chives Dumplings
  134. Pork and Chive Dumplings with Dried Shrimp 韭菜餃子,豬肉和蝦的幹
  135. Pork and Leek Jiaozi
  136. Preparing Pig’s Stomach 豬肚 (Zhū dù)
  137. Prosperity Bread Buns 繁榮麵包饅頭
  138. Roasted Chestnuts (烤栗子)
  139. Rou Jia Mo 肉夹馍
  140. Sha Cha Jiang 沙茶醬 (Chinese Royal BBQ Sauce)
  141. Shanghainese Soy Sauce Chicken (上海酱油鸡)
  142. Shark Fin Soup 鱼翅汤
  143. Shredded Chicken and Small Abalone Congee (小鲍鱼鸡丝粥)
  144. Sizzling Mongolian Lamb
  145. Sizzling Mongolian Scallops 鐵板蒙古扇貝
  146. Sizzling Rice Prawns 鐵板稻蝦
  147. Sizzling Tofu in Oyster Sauce 鐵板豆腐,蠔油
  148. Sliced White Pork 白豬肉片
  149. Spareribs Cooked with Rock Sugar
  150. Steamed Hoisin Buns 清蒸海鮮包子 (Qīng Zhēng Hǎi Xiān Bāo Zi)
  151. Steamed Meat Balls 蒸肉丸
  152. Steamed Pork with Pickled Mustard Greens 冬菜扣肉
  153. Steamed Roast Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao) 蒸馒头烤猪肉
  154. Stir-Fried Smoky Bacon with Smoked Tofu 炒豆腐煙熏培根熏
  155. Super Soft Pau Wrapper
  156. Sweet and Sour Pork
  157. Szechuan Eggplant 四川茄子
  158. Szechuan Ma La Steamboat 四川麻辣火锅 (Szechuan Ma La Huo Guo)
  159. Szechuan Pork Kidneys
  160. Szechuan Sauce
  161. Szechuan Tofu Beef (四川牛肉豆腐)
  162. Tangerine Marinade 柑橘汁
  163. Taro Dumplings 芋頭角 Wu Gok
  164. Thousand-Year-Old Eggs 幾千年老蛋
  165. Three Coloured Steamed Egg. 蒸水蛋
  166. Tofu in Oyster Sauce 蠔油豆腐
  167. Vegetarian Siu Mai 素食燒賣
  168. Vegetarian Steamed Buns 素食蒸寶 (Su shi zheng bao)
  169. Vermicelli with Pork Leg and Mushroom.
  170. West Lake Fish (西湖鱼)
  171. Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Soup Dumplings)
  172. Yee Sang/Yu Sheng 七彩鱼生 (Prosperity Salad)
  173. Zhajiangmian (Beijing Noodles with Soybean Sauce).
  174. Zhīma miàn lěng (Szechuan Cold Sesame Noodles) 芝麻面冷
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