Timor cuisine is a poor cuisine at its most basic. It's a subsistence cuisine but has been influenced by its Indonesian and Portuguese heritage . The cuisine normally consists of rice, cassava, sweet potatoes and corn which comes with seafood, pork or chicken and also includes fruits and spices.

Akar is a subsistence food. It is normally made when there’s nothing to eat. It is not good to eat as it is dry and has no taste. Akar is made from barks of special palm tree. The bark is dried in sun and when the bark is dried it is beaten with heavy stick to turn it into fine powder. Then the powder is soaked in water which turns into a jelly like after sometime. This jelly like material is cooked over fire and it’s ready to eat. This food isn't delicious but it is the only source for East Timor people when there’s nothing to eat.

Canine cuisine, the meat of the dog, is also famous here. The meat is cooked with chillie, lemongrass and for the flavor cloves are also added. This is served with plain rice and also a local wine which is called Tauka is also served. Pepes are made by wrapping the fish in banana leaves and steaming them. Cuts are made on fish and mixture of chillie powder, onion, cloves, garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper and tamarind is added to the fish. The fish is cooked for 30 minutes. This food is very famous in East Timor and is also served in many hotels.

  1. Batar Da'an (Corn Stew)
  2. Faux Budu (Vegetarian Fishy sauce)
  3. Kang Kong Stir-fry
  4. Pepes Ikan
  5. Pudim de Coco (Coconut Pudding)
  6. Tapai
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