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The London Foodie

A blog review of some very interesting restaurants and their menu items. Definitely one to check out for London dining


Manjula's Kitchen

A resource for vegetarian Indian recipes. This site is produced as a collection of videos and accompanying printed recipes. Manjula's style is honest and no-fuss. A lady with a good heart I feel. A great resource. Her recipes are light and flavoursome.



A website of recipes and how tos focusing on Egyptian home style food recipes.


Show me The Curry

Premier website for DIY curry dishes with  Video instruction and a lot of merchandising.


Khmer Krom Recipes

A great collection of authentic and traditional southern, eastern and south-eastern Khmer dishes.


Nepal Home Page

A website of resources for expats, nationals, travellers and interested. A little chaotic on the surface but the sections related to recipes are well produced and submitted by Nepalese people.

Nepali Recipes @ Sanjaal

This website has the most well written Nepali recipes discoverable on the web. The selection of recipes is extensive and authentic.


Introducing Nyonya Recipes

A very well organised and presented site of traditional Nyonya dishes. Good instruction, clear explanation and well presented backgrounds to both the recipes and the history of the people.


World of Crepes

A bright and light site with a large and growing number of crepe recipes from around the world. The site includes stories and tips and would be the primary site for referencing crepe making.


"the friday lunch" is an exceptionally well written blog focusing on foods including the foods of the regions described on this site.

Karl's focus is on locating locations where these foods are served, the description of the presentation and ingredients to some extent and his knowledge of the plate shines through. There are wonderful descriptions of flavours and texture, successes and failures with recommendations to boot.


Original Indonesian Recipe

Juandi has written and published this blog containing many traditional Indonesian recipes from all over the nation. It's a great work and probably has documentation that wouldn't be seen if not for this site. It's a brilliant resource for anyone interested in Indonesian cuisines.

Doufu Mafia

A great blog and resource of Asian vegetarian dishes and their whereabouts, particularly focused on peninsular Hong Kong and areas that are not so well known to the visitor. Great to see the mention of areas like Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei which are old eating haunts of mine. Some of the best food in HK

Indonesia Eats

A bright and fresh blog of Asian  foods spilling beyond. Pepe's focus on Indonesian recipes gives an insight into an obviously experienced cook of this cuisine. The sort of stuff that can't be read in books, blogs or websites where the writer hasn't lived the food preparation and gleaned the finer detail.


Food from Northern Laos

This project in many ways has been a labour of love. The blog is vital and contains many recipes with insights into the foods and the culture of the peoples of this region of the world.


Celine's Cuisine

A wonderful site by Celine Marbek, author of "Cuzinhia Cristang (A Malacca Portuguese Cookbook)",  with Portuguese influenced Cristang Malaccan recipes. A  professionally presented, rare resource.

Cristang cuisine is rarely known and melds with the Macanese cuisine both by origin and contact.

is the definitive web-site on wine making. It's a very long established site with over 45 million hits since being first published.

The site is really an excellent resource on winemaking for makers of all skills. It's comprehensive, Jack Keller is reactive and searches out recipes of interest on request. Recipes are complete there may be some requirement for specialised techniques that refer to another section of the site, so convenience is not over-looked. The navigation is functional not so much intuitive but becomes familiar reasonably quickly. The content is concise.

I wouldn't go past this website for wine-making.



Is a site covering many aspects of Thai cuisine with explanations, history, description with magnificent images in a relaxed but professional style.

Leela doesn't leave anything dangling in thin air everything is complete and there are no wild guesses, all facts and true experience. There would be very few errors in her blog.

I was immediately attracted to the site because of the brilliant presentation. Brilliant in the sense that it really is clean, clear and glistening with her eye for detail. The typography is perfect, the post separators are obvious and attractive. It's as if the blog is an extension of the precepts of Thai cuisine: everything in balance.

Her recipes move across the cultural divide effortlessly and leaves the western food preparer in no doubt as to "what does that mean?"

SHESIMMERS is the premier blog on Thai cooking and SHEROCKS


convert to

An exceptional resource for food preparers. This site has researched the apparent weight versus volume of dry ingredients. For instance, a recipe that may state a weight of some ingredient like flour can be converted into "cups" or "tablespoon" quantities.


Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It displays a continuously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time.


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