Many recipes refer to ingredient names using their own common names. Most recipes will have a a common western name beside the local name. Of course this can be overlooked and I apologise if this has caused any frustration or time wasting.

This section endeavours to identify the common and the less common ingredients used, listing the local name in Roman characters and the local script if found. This may be easier to cross reference from the local name into western names so that means the list will be indexed or sorted on the local name. I would welcome any feedback on this or any recommendation to help with the identification and ease of use.

The Glossaries are ongoing and will  be updated as various sections are added to or amended.. There are being introduced glossaries of groups of foods and ingredients. For example Fermented Sauces and Pastes is a confusion of names and what they are. I am bringing groups like this together as a single glossary to help understand and work out what the ingredient base and flavour may be

I have saved the regional glossary as a spreadsheet and placed a copy on Google Docs. You are most welcome to copy this. There isn't access to  editing online at this stage because of security and recovery ability. There is however access to editing on a downloaded copy. If you have any suggestions or extra info , may I ask that you submit it to me through the contact facility on this site?






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