Philippines: Balut
Vietnam:       Trứng vịt lộn / Hot Vit Lon
Lao:       Khai Luk
Thai:      Khai Luk
Khmer:       Pong Tea Khon

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Cooked fertilised duck eggs are a delicious treat. Many SEA countries enjoy them as simple street food and are eaten with salt and pepper, or chillie and vinegar, or with herbs such as Rau Ram ( polygonium odoratum).

The eggs are "harvested" from 16 days to 20 days generally. The normal hatching incubation period is 26 to 28 days. The earlier the harvest the less noticeable are the developed features.


  1. Gently boil  for 20 to 30 minutes.

Eaten warm, not cold and seasoned with pepper, salt and a chillie garlic sauce. Often served with Rau Ram or cilantro if Rau Ram unavailable