The bread dough:
  • 150g sugar,
  • 1kg white plain flour,
  • 30g dried yeast and water.

The filling:
  • 5 dried perfumed mushrooms
  • 5 dried black mushrooms
  • 100 gm rice vermicelli
  • 2 Quail eggs per bun
  • 100 gm lean pork meat (ground)
  • 250 gm fat pork meat (coarsely ground)
  • One 40 gm Chinese sausage
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

The dough.
  1. Mix this in a bowl by hand.
  2. When cohesive then knead dough for 15 minutes.
  3. Place aside, covered, for 1 to 4 hours to rise. This should triple in volume.

Prepare the filling:
  1. Soak 5 perfumed mushrooms ,
  2. 5 black mushrooms.
  3. 100g of fine rice vermicelli.
  4. All in hot water until softened.
  5. Drain the mushrooms and vermicelli.
  6. Chop the mushrooms finely and cut the vermicelli in bits of a cm long.
  7. Boil quail eggs for 5 minutes.
  8. Mix 100g of lean pork meat finely ground, 250g of fat pork meat coarsely ground, one Chinese sausage sliced (40g), chopped mushrooms vermicelli.
  9. Black pepper & salt to season,

Make the buns:
  1. Take a piece of dough, by cutting a piece out, (typically a golf ball size when rolled up.
  2. Flatten it down with your hand on a hard surface.
  3. Roll the dough out thin as a circle.)
  4. add a spoon of filling and 1 or 2 hard boiled quail eggs.
  5. Seal the dough and put on a piece of paper.
  6. Wait at least 1h for the dough to rise under a covered cloth to keep moist.

  1. Steam for 15 minutes or so until cooked.