In Chiangmai on Sunday evenings, there is a conversion of Thapae Gate Road into a walking mall. This mall is food stalls only and the few temples in the area allow vendors to setup their barbecues etc in their grounds. The food is stunning and in most cases very different to many street vendor food stalls. Many of the foods are the local foods of many of the upcountry provinces and a few are very Lao in style

Among the many I have enjoyed, a very simple food that is memorable is a sticky rice cake ,for want of a better description, often skewered with two bamboo skewers, dipped in beaten egg and grilled slowly on the barbecue. The cakes are turned frequently, the egg infiltrates the rice and also forms a golden coating on the outside. The centre is cooked, soft, smokey and delicious. There never seems to be a delay in service despite the very long queues for this snack. The trick it seems is to par-cook the cakes and have them ready to re-heat and refresh on the grate. There is no addition of salt after grilling which indicates the salting ingredient is already incorporated. This could be either soy sauce or fish sauce?

The sticky rice is previously cooked, the patties are typically 5 - 8 cm in diameter. An easy dish to recreate.