Limes are packed whole in crystalline salt. The salt draws out the water from the fruit and then this brine back percolates to pickle the fruit. This process takes a few months.

The drink is made by taking cutting off a section of the preserved fruit and transferring it to a glass with a long handled spoon. Simple syrup is offered in an accompanying jug and bottle of plain soda is served with the ingredients.

The drinker generally macerates the fruit in the glass and adds some syrup. Some crushed ice maybe added at this stage and the contents then mixed with a top up of soda. The drink itself is a little salty, sweet and very refreshing. It is however not always enjoyed by the naïve palate sometimes being criticised as a slimy consistency. For those who enjoy it it's one of the refreshing drinks on a hot sultry day.

Variations of this drink flavour are experienced in Thailand and India.