1.    Black Chicken Soup  黑雞湯
2.    Black chicken soup with goji berries and chinese yam 黑雞湯枸杞漿果和山藥
3.    Chicken corn soup recipe 雞肉玉米湯食譜
4.    Chicken feet soup  雞腳湯
5.    Chicken mushroom soup 鸡肉蘑菇汤
6.    Chicken noodle soup  雞面
  •             Rice cooker chicken noodle soup  電飯煲雞面
  •             Instant chicken noodle soup recipe  即時雞面食譜
7.    Chicken soup recipe with red dates and milk  雞湯食譜與紅棗和牛奶
8.    Chicken soup recipe with baby bok choy  雞湯與嬰兒配方白菜
9.    Chicken soup with Chinese angelica root  雞肉湯當歸
10.    Chicken soup with dang shen and old cucumber  雞肉湯堂沉老黃瓜
11.    Chicken soup recipe with fresh chinese yam and arrowroot  雞湯食譜新鮮山藥,葛粉
12.    Chicken soup with cordyceps  蟲草雞湯
13.    Chinese chicken soup with solomon's seal  中國雞湯與所羅門的封印
14.    Ginger chicken soup  姜雞湯
15.    Healthy chicken soup  健康雞湯