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Congee.  (It's preparation and names in various countries).

Congee 告別 (A universal base preparation). The basics.

Beef Congee 牛肉粥

Eight Treasure Congee 八寶粥 (Ba Bao Zhou)

Filippino Goto

Cháo Huyết (Pork Blood Congee)

Shredded Chicken and Small Abalone Congee (小鲍鱼鸡丝粥)

Shredded Chicken Porridge 雞絲粥 

Singaporean Century Egg and Minced Pork Congee (新加坡世纪蛋和肉碎粥)

Sweet Potato Congee 

Taiwanese Chicken Congee (台湾鸡肉粥)

Variety of additions, sauces and toppings for Congee:

Congee Toppings, Additions and Condiments 

Minced Pork Balls with Preserved Black Beans 與肉碎球,豆豉 

Rice Porridge with Side Dishes  清粥小菜/ Xi Fan 稀飯(Qing Zhou Xiao Cai)

Mushroom Stalk Floss Condiment 

Sauces, Garnishes, Toppings and Dressings