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There is a greater similarity rather than a difference between Asian and other cuisines.. The language is different and attention to detail is a little different.

Many  cuisines use matured products of dairy origin and the hundreds of cheeses with a huge spectrum of flavour due to a group of chemicals being the various butyric acids is not something that has traditionally evolved in Asian Cuisine. The Asian cooks have however developed fermented and matured products for similar reasons. Varieties of flavour. This has been achieved with fermented fish products ranging from shrimp, oyster and schooling fish on the one hand. These products have a typical quaternary ammonium aroma. On the other hand there are the fermented grains most noticeably the large variety of soy fermented grains and soy curds that have been allowed to mature in various conditions or with innoculum to produce pungent products suitable for addition into many simple food mixtures.

 The Japanes refer to this as the fifth taste beyond the traditional sweet, sour, bitter and salty "Umami". Like cheeses there is often some adaptation of the palate to enjoy these new aromas and flavours.

On this link there is a glossary of names with descriptions, some recipes, alternatives and notes