Fried Rice offers a variation on steamed rice. In Asia if the choice was between the two people would unhesitatingly choose the steamed rice. As I mentioned it's a variation and almost another dish in peoples minds not an alternative. It's reported as being a very ancient creation but the estimate of age is not reliable.

Fried rice can be bland and this usually stems from lack of savoury ingredients such as the onions, carrot and celery. If these are all added or some then the fried rice dish is likely to be flavoursome. The quality seems to be associated with the freshness of the rice. Most commentators writing up recipes for these dishes recommend rice that has been cooked the day previously and allowed to cool and sit. Another aspect of a nice rice is to add a little vinegar to the freshly cooked rice and spread it out to dry. This fluffs the rice and produces a delightfully edgy flavour.
Additions can be anything that comes to mind. Generally vegetables that are commonly used and require little preparation. Chicken, ground meats, shrimp, crab, sausage.

Most creations are attributed to Singaporean cuisine but it is really rare to see fried rice in Singapore from my limited experience. In fact it's not seen on menus very much at all in Chinese countries. It is seen extensively in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka.

The use of a drizzled egg is something that many people have problems with creating. It's easy and I think a little refocus on simplification will overcome any problems you may have with regard to this. Simply break the egg in a moderately heated wok and stir quickly until it just holds set. Take it out of the wok and set aside. Another option is to add the egg to the rice when the rice is fried and mix it vigorously. Serve this at once. This produces a soft silky egg fried rice.