This is called Panipuri in north India, Fuchka in east India and Golgappa in southern parts of India.


  •  200 gm maida or refined wheat flour
  •  1 pinch baking powder
  •  Salt
  •  100 gm potato
  •  10 gm ripe tamarind
  •  2 green chillies
  •  2 teaspoonfuls of coriander  powder
  •  2 teaspoonfuls of chopped coriander leaves


The Fuchka
  1. Mix the baking powder with maida and a little water and knead tight dough
  2. Divide it to 20 parts and roll it flat
  3. Fry the dough to make hollow balls (this hollow ball of fried flour is called fuchka)
The stuffing
  1. Peel the potatoes and boil
  2. Mash the potatoes with salt, coriander powder and one chopped chillie.
The dressing (Pani)
  1. Mix the ripe tamarind pulp in warm to hot water and mix with your fingers to separate the fiber, seeds and soft pulp.
  2. Remove seeds and fibrous pulp by pouring it through a sieve and using the back of a spoon to force the soft pulp through.
  3. Add salt, coriander leaves and one chopped chili to the tamarind extract to make a thick suspension.
  1. Carefully open the fuchka on one side, put the stuffing inside, and then dunk it in paani and serve.
Etiquette here is to put the entire fuchka into your mouth at once to savor the taste!