Sambal Kacang

1 c (240 ml)yard beans in 2-inch pieces
1 c (240 ml)Julienne of carrot
2 c (480 ml)Shredded Napa cabbage
1 c (240 ml)Fresh bean sprouts
1 c (240 ml)Cooked, sliced potatoes (prepared separately and cooked until just. Peeled and cubed before placing into the platter assembly)
1 c (240 ml)Sliced cucumber

Sliced tomatoes for garnish


Put all the sauce  in a saucepan with some lemon peel and heat over medium-low heat for a few minutes minutes. Set aside.

Arrange the vegetables in layers on a platter- -cabbage, beans, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and sprouts on top. Many cooks blanch the salad ingredients before arranging on the plate.


A garnish of fried tofu slices can be scattered over the plate along with bean sprouts, water-cress. Sectioned hard boiled eggs and tomato slices around the edge of the plate. The sauce being poured over the top of this or as an alternative set as a crudite platter with the sauce set in a separate central bowl. The salad is received well if the sauce is still warm.