Stir fried dish with a sweet soy background and a lot of heat.


  • an assortment of mushrooms of the more "meaty" texture such as Japanese, bhutnaese etc, pigs ears mushrooms and similar funghi. 
  • Sweet Soy Sauce
  • sugar, 
  • Thai chillies. section lengthwise 
  • Green peppercorns on the stalk,* 
  • Snow peas, 
  • Asparagus, 
  • julienned carrot, 
  • Garlic 
  • Onion, sectioned
  • any other easily stir fried veg, 
  1. A dash of oil into a pan or wok 
  2. Stir fry the onions, garlic and chillies a couple of minutes until onions are barely translucent over a high flame. (the fumes should cause you to choke seriously) 
  3. Add the other veges and stir fry a minute. 
  4. Add Tbsp of sweet soy sauce, peppercorns, a  Tbsp of sugar, a dash of water.  Reduce until only a small amount of sauce. Maybe a minute.  Transfer onto serving plate. 
Always great with rice and a liter of iced water and fresh cucumber pieces

*Green peppercorns are simply the unripened peppercorns while still green. The flavour of the green peppercorn is quite different to the black. It has slightly less heat still with pepper characteristics and an edge of pine like aroma and flavour .

Young Green Thai Peppercorns are available online as a preserved product.

The vegan option would substitute the Hoi Sin for Soy Sauce or Sweet Noodle Sauce.