Walk-in and out snacks in Hong Kong.

I love these snacks on bamboo sticks and enjoy them grilled or boiled in a Huoguo  and sometimes deep-fried. The deep-frying though takes some of the flavour out I think. A great dipping sauce in the bottom of the bag to test your skills and drip drop control.

I don't presume that they are any more nutritious than global fast foods or home-made equivalent. They are certainly convenient, cheap and there's a very large variety. The ingredients vary from meat through fish and tofu bases. The meat is often as good as a bbq sausage. So high fat, carbs with added extra sugar,  heaps of salt, many I would presume have MSG to lift the Umami and metered amounts of protein  :) OK I know, a traditional junk food but isn't it great to have the opportunity to choose such things. All in moderation and you're happy.

China hasn't kept this to herself. They are certainly apparent throughout much of Asia and beyond.