Ikan Bilis is seen most commonly with Malaysian food. It's served as a side dish or condiment and may even be semi-dried. The semi dried fish are produced on Pulau Pangkor. The monopoly for this food is by Keng Hai Chuan who also sells imported anchovies. The imported fish , presumably from Thailand, are cheaper and so has a definite part of Mr Beh's market. The premium fish though is his own catch and processing which is basically sun drying without any preservative. There is a visible difference with the imported fish being drier and having a whitish salty appearance whereas Mr Beh catch are not as dry and clearer in appearance. The taste difference is noticeable but both are an excellent product.
The plant processed fish is available in the town of Pangkor on the east coast of the Island. The shop was rebuilt and reopened in 2009 after a fire destroyed a number of the shopfront of the lots in 2007.  The business barely skipped a heartbeat in that true Chinese heritage and through the demolition and rebuilding Mr & Mrs Beh continued on with their businesses. The quality of the Ikan Bilis is probably the best in Malaysia and it's worth while buying their processed anchovies for the extra special quality. The price is very inexpensive as mentioned by other Malaysian nationals.
Ikan Bilis is always served with Nasi Lemak and often with Gado Gado . The flavour is definite and certainly adds the umami-fish factor. It's a treat on Pizza both in flavour and in crunchy texture and its naturally matched with fresh roasted peanut and and/or chillie. Having said that it's not limited to these pairings as it really is a natural msg and certainly brings out other flavours in foods mixed along with the Ikan Bilis.