Luiz HARA publishes a great blog "The London Foodie". His latest piece is on a "yum cha" restaurant in Cambden Lon and it's knockout faire. If you are a Londoner or a traveller to London you would do very well to subscribe to Luiz Blog. He has great reviews of almost all cuisines and styles of dining from supper clubs to burger joints, and other sophisticated dining establishments.

Luiz is on a mission. The mission being to find food nirvana of many styles in London. You know I can't sympathise with the occasional failed experiences as even these sound quite good. Luiz gives a very comprehensive review on the place, the staff and the food experienced. He is his own man and is happy to go out on a limb to either disagree with the common consensus or to revisit a place again and contradict his previous review, but never contrary just for the sake of it.

If you have a desire to play with creating a few selections of dim-sum there are a number of good recipes on this site:
. There are also various sauces and accompaniments throughout.