This often presumed Thai food is actually from China. It's really a simple assembly without cooking of ingredients that are probably on hand in many Thai households. In fact there are only two ingredients other than the bread roll.

  • Bread Rolls (Round and very fresh of a soft variety)
  • Mayonnaise. Here the Japanese mayo works very well with its tangy sweetness.
  • Muu Yong (Pork Floss) This can be made at home, but is a difficult and time consuming process. Very few Asian people would make their own. The product is easily available and of course of varying quality, so it's worthwhile checking the flavour aspect.
  1. Prepare the required number of bread rolls by slicing straight into the top of the bread roll.
  2. Place a generous amount of mayo into the pocket
  3. Pile some "muu yong", pork floss into and onto the mayonnaise carefully squeeze the roll slightly to hold the floss
  4. The rolls are eaten unceremoniously. Filling the taste buds with sweet tang, pork-ish and fresh soft bread. Works very well. These are a popular bakers item and often seeing people trying to bite the best angle and not pull the remaining floss out prematurely while containing the oozing dressing safely and not on the shirt or shoes.