The process boils off moisture and volatile compounds. It also heat denatures many of the milk solids being casein and precipitates these as the brown precipitate left in the pan. It is important to store the ghee in very clean, even sterilised, dry jars and to use dry implements such as spoons to subsequently take amounts out of the storage vessels. Adding moisture will reduce the stability of the ghee and cause oxidation and the noticeable rancidity of ghee.

Please be careful and prepared as this product is very hot when heated and can cause severe burns if spilled on the body. If spillage occurs on the body please run cold water on the affected area immediately for 5 minutes. Please don't panic it is really to your advantage to be as clear headed as possible in such accidents.


  • 500 gm to 1 Kg ( 1 to 2 lb) *pure unsalted butter. (* not blended with any other oils or fats)
  1. Slice into 50 gm ( approximately 2 oz) blocks and place in a heavy base pan.
  2. Place on medium heat and allow the butter to melt and boil. Do not stir the boiling contents. A white top will be seen and this will settle to the bottom and turn to a brown sediment.
  3. This process can take 20 minute to 30 minutes and the boiling will stop. The aroma of freshly baked croissants becomes obvious. Turn off the heat immediately as it may burn quickly at this stage.
  4. Allow the ghee to cool then carefully tip off the golden ghee without disturbing the sediment. This can be filtered through cheesecloth to remove the remaining sediment. The Ghee can be stored in glass jars at room temperature. It is a saturated fat so depending on the room temp can be liquid or solid. It should be stable for many months at room temperature.
  5. It is always good practice to mark the date of processing on the storage vessels. The product is best discarded if any odour develops and if other jars or vessels have been stored at the same time please check these and mark the check date. This is really good information for you to keep and is a simple quality assurance step for product useability.