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Papad making is a laborious and tedious process which traditionally involved many people for the labour force required for one production household. Generally women made the papad but there was a place for men in the production. It seems that it became quite a social process as well and children were included which produced some innovative variations.
Households that had few women tended to recruit others of the same situation and it became a co-operative. Many of the papad were sold at local markets so this may be useful as a small business.

Now the tradition is slowly dropping. The manufactured papads are well entrenched, women are finding less time to produce these and the retailed papads are good. Those that continue to make papads do it for a couple of reasons: to maintain the tradition for future generations and to produce papads exactly the way they enjoy them. There are myriad of variations and the commercial papads certainly don't cover all these.

Linked is really a very delightful story written by a woman who made papad in her earlier married days. She writes of the process, the getting it together and  anecdotes associated with her business. Quite a remarkable, light and enjoyable read.