These all are included in the Recipes. The names are linked to the specific listing so that you may be able to jump directly to the method.


Chinese Crisp Shallot Garnish 脆葱配菜

Fried Garlic Garnish 

Crispy Mushroom Condiment. 
Ideal as a crunchy topping on siu mai, jok (congee) and breakfast dishes.

Sauces & Condiments

Chillie Vinegar. General condiment with heat and sour. Generally used as ingredient.

Zhajiangmian Sauce. Beijing Noodles and Beijing Duck.

Nam Phrik Num.  Thai dip with Cab Muu (Pork scratchings).

Nuoc MamVietnamese dipping sauce widely used.
{Vegetarian Fish Sauce}

Tonkatsu Sauce Japanese tangy sauce for use with croquettes (Korokke).

Lechon Sauce  Chicken Liver Sauce from the Philippines. (Use with roast meats).

Sambal Kacang.   Classic spicy peanut sauce accompanying chicken satays. Can be used for many accompaniments and ingredient.

Chillie Mayonnaise    Great with burgers and ideal with an Indian Chicken Burger

Chillie Sauce   (table top  & ingredient).

Jeow Bong (Chillie Jam)Sweet spicy chillie jam from Laos. Ideal for use with dry bland foods.

Horseradish Sauce:   alternative to wasabi and great for dressing smoked salmon and roast meats.

Burmese Salsa.   A very tangy tomato based spicy salsa. Can be used as a general salsa or as a side sauce with various dishes.

One little point of interest is there is no etiquette compulsion to use a dipping sauce. If the flavour is ideal for you as it comes, then don't reduce your enjoyment dosing with dip.