You may never know whether you are eating shrimp or prawns.

Both prawn and shrimp can be found in fresh water and oceans.They both have ten legs and an external shell. They taste the same and they look the same. The primary difference is the structure of the gills. Shrimp have branching gills like a tree whereras prawn have flat parallel plates of gill. You aren't going to see this in processed crustacea on your plate! The difference to note on a cooked animal is that prawns second pair of pincers are larger than the first and their legs are longer. Shrimp's larger pincers are their first pair.

Prawns and shrimps can't be distinguished on size alone despite many believing that prawn is larger than shrimp. They come from different suborders in the classification of the animal world , prawns are in the suborder Dendrobranchiata and shrimp Pleocyemata. This indicates that they had somewhat different evolutionary paths