Once again a shared cooking method seen in Thailand and Cambodia also. Just about every country in Asia has a variation on this style of eating. Sin Dat is a little different to many in that the meat or fish is first grilled on a directly heated griddle. Any juices are caught by the surrounding annulus to which has been added a simple stock.

The sauce is Korean  Ssamjang and I have published a modified recipe of this for specific use as Lao BBQ Sauce. It is made from a fermented product of glutinous rice with chillie and mixed with fermented Soy Bean Sauce.

The fire is always lit outside and brought in . It's best to give wide berth until the charcoal has settled as there is generally some minor pyrotechnics happening in the earlier period of getting going.

This could be easily set up in western homes(patios). The BBQ assemblies are available through Importfood.com in the US.


  • Small charcoal burning stove, with a lip that allows a metal domed griddle to sit perfectly horizontal (See images above)
  • The griddle itself.
  • Soup bowls, chopsticks, soup spoon, per diner

  • Allow and prepare 500 mls (2 cups) of chicken stock or a boullion based consomme per diner. (Knor, Maggi etc). Best transferred to a kettle which allows a controlled pouring of stock particularly for refills.
  • 3 chunks of lard 3 cm square by 1 cm thick (1 1/4 in square by 1/2 in thick)
  • Sliced meats. Beef, pork, chicken, bacon, (The meats ideally sliced as thinly as a sushi preparation)
  • Ssamjang Sauce. Served in individual small bowls for each diner.
  • Finely sliced Bird's Eye Chillies and sliced garlic in a small plate per diner.
  • Tray holding: Bundle of cellophane noodles; mushrooms and funghi; selection of green leafy vegetables; a few raw quail eggs; tofu skin; tomato sections; green onions. All the vegetables should be washed well.


  1. Place the empty griddle on the lit stove and ensure that it's set safely.
  2. Immediately pour in enough stock to fill the outer annulus ring.
  3. Place a piece of lard on the top of the griddle. You may rub the entire griddle surface with the lard and then return it to the top.The fats will slowly drizzle down the griddle and maintain the greased surface.
  4. Shred amounts of each leafy green vegetable and place in the broth, add some green onions and some garlic.
  5. Place some mushrooms in the broth around the ring.
  6. Gently submerge the contents with a chopstick or fork.
  7. You can re-blend your dipping sauce by adding extra garlic and or chillies as you wish.
  8. Each person or a delegated person should start to load the sliced meats onto the hot griddle with chopsticks. It's best to start at the top and work around and down.
  9. The meat will cook quite quickly because of the thin cut. Most people turn the meat once but there really isn't a great need for this.
  10. Diners remove the meat from the griddle as it reaches the degree of colour that they wish.They transfer this with chopsticks into their sauce bowl, dip and eat.
  11. A replacement slice of meat should be loaded immediately to keep the supply continuous.
  12. When it seems that the vegetables are cooked then you can use a ladle provided or chopsticks to recover the cooked food in the broth. This can be added to the sauce dish or to a separate dish. Consume the veges at your pleasure.
  13. Once again it's best to replenish the vegetables and vary it a little by adding some cellophane noodles to the broth. Top up the broth at this stage.
  14. The noodles will cook almost instantaneously and can be scooped out after a few seconds and transferred into your general bowl. You may like to add some soup with the ladle over the noodles and enjoy the soup.
  15. This process can be continued for as long as you like. Fresh meat can be brought in and replacement vegetables as well.
  16. Make sure that the stock level remains pretty full the whole time.
  17. The quail eggs can be simply placed whole into the soup and boiled as you would for an egg. When cooked remove and deal with the shell eat and enjoy.
  1. Seafood can be cooked successfully by this style. Prawns will sit on the top of the griddle and will need to be turned occasionally. The prawns are cooked when the colour striations are uniformly salmon in coulour. It's best to select prawn of a smaller size for convenience and ease of cooking
  2. Calamari rings are also successfully cooked by this arrangement. The rings should be turned and will be cooked when they become opaque in colour.
  3. Meat and seafood can be marinaded prior to cooking. A simple Teriyaki sauce works very well as a marinade. Place the meat in the sauce in the fridge for 15 minutes before bringing to the BBQ.