There are many dishes suitable for presentation on a hot sizzle plate. Some There are advantages to serving food on these. The food generally has that "just cooked" aspect, something that usually dies after a few minutes on a cold plate, and certainly something that is valued with many Asian dishes.

Fried noodle dishes are a surprising possibility with this style of serving. Fried noodle dishes generally have the best flavour served straight from the wok to your plate. Slower eaters and large serves do change in flavour as the time passes but served on a sizzle plate, the flavour keeps that fresh nuance. I've mentioned that drying may be an issue with such dishes and the preventative trick is to make the sauce just a little wetter and serve the dish just before you normally would. This allows for a little drying on the hot server and also should prevent over-cooking of the dish.

The plate can be heated in an oven at 200oC to 260oC (400F to 500F) for say 20 minutes prior to serving or more easily and generally greater energy saving on a heat source, gas ring or hot plate until it just begins to smoke (from the thin oil layer on the plate).

Specific Hot Sizzle Plate recipes:

Shrimp and Gin 蝦和吉恩
Sizzling Tofu in Oyster Sauce 鐵板豆腐,蠔油 
Sizzling Pusit (Sizzling Squid)
Sizzling Mongolian Scallops. 鐵板蒙古扇貝
Sizzling Mongolian Lamb
Mongolian Beef
Mongolian Lamb (蒙古羔羊)
Peppery-Hot Mutton (Uyghur style)
Spareribs Cooked with Rock Sugar
Sizzle-plate Yee Mee (Tit Ban Yee Meen)