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It is true that Asia doesn't have a convention of a dessert course following the end of a meal or banquet.

There are many dessert recipes that may be included within the banquet body or may typically be used as a snack course and often a street food. The styles vary remarkably and many are highly colourful suggesting a fruity taste. Most often this isn't the flavour style but simply an artistic blend of texture and colour.

There is, however, a universally accepted dessert that I have often seen in restaurants from China through South East Asia and beyond. The Crepe Suzette. The Crepe Suzette hasn't been matched but has been played with around the world. The variations are always wonderful and I really don't have the most favourite recipe.

A web friend Ashley Memory has the most wonderful collection of Crepe Suzette recipes and I would highly recommend her site and experienced advice including tips on making these and other stunning crepes. World of Crepes

The recipe I have been eyeing off over the last two days is a Chocolate crepe with a classic Suzette Sauce