Xinjiang is the north-west province of China. Her cuisine is quite different to anything else Chinese and although there are most definite variations in regional Chinese cuisine there is the thread that runs through them all. Xinjang is different.

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The cuisine is most like Turkish, so a definite middle-eastern aspect. There is a lot of bread and a lot of lamb/mutton recipes. There is a crossover with Uyghur cuisine for the same reason. I hope that I can identify good recipes for this cuisine because the food itself is extremely delicious and as mentioned unique to the region covered.

The most notable Xinjiang restaurant in Beijing is Afunti. The meal is good, and it comes with a great show and fantastic energetic dancing for patrons who wish. It really is a good place to dine and have fun

Afunti Restaurant

2A Houguaibang Hutong, Beijing, 11 1000 China.

Open Hours: 11a-midnight M-F, 11a-late Sa-Su
Contact: +86 (0)10 6527 2288