It's great to receive communication from readers, thank you.

If you have any further suggestions for additions or improvements please jot them down and send them off to us on the contact form or by email. The email address will be apparent on your received email as our confirmation of receipt of your submission.

If you would like to submit a recipe we would gladly receive it and consider it for inclusion. The cuisine type should be basically southern to eastern Asian and ingredients should be familiar or described if there are ingredient names that maybe difficult to find in references such as Wikipedia. Most are but sometimes the local names aren't referenced and it can cause problems in identification. A photo would be most gratefully accepted but certainly not required. If you have the interest a little about your background and food enjoyment adds some vitality to the recipe. I will publish the recipes under a Creative Commons license allowing modifications, re-publishing and non-commercial use. If these conditions don't fit your preferences, please let me know.

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