Working your way around.

To work your away around this page you have a number of alternatives:

    How to scroll through recipe titles.

    How to select a specific country cuisine.

    How to select recipes of specific food types

    How to see recent recipe additions.

    How to select recipes with certain ingredients or certain styles of preparation.

To see the list of recipes in alphabetical order you may scroll or by clicking on the index letter on the far left floating bar. This will take you to the corresponding recipes beginning with that letter. To go back to the top of the menu you can either click the "to top" sign on the floating bar or the picture in that bar.

If you want to list just the recipes of a specific cuisine such as Chinese or Thai then this is most easily done by selecting the cuisine under the heading "select a cuisine" on the right hand side of the page near the top. When you hover over a specific cuisine it will become bright. Just click this group and you will be taken to a shorter list of just that specific group of recipes.

Just below "select a specific cuisine" classification there is another: "select a major ingredient" which brings together a shortened list of various recipes under a grouping for example if you wanted to see the recipes for "dumplings" then you would move the mouse over to "dumplings" and it will become bright. Click on the brightened word and you will be taken to this grouping of recipes.

The image box under its own heading "EdiblyAsian Recipes: Latest additions of recipes" displays a certain number of the recently added recipes to the site. If you move your mouse onto the lower part of the display a set of controls becomes seen. The starting point by default is the stopped position. To make the slideshow begin click the small forward arrow and this will begin the slideshow cycle. You must move the mouse out of the frame for this to proceed. If there is a recipe here that you wish to see in full, click the picture title and it will open the recipe page for this dish.

Finally, beneath the slideshow box is a list of "ingredients and styles" which if clicked will bring up a list of all recipes with that classification. Unfortunately it will only work with one classification. If you wish to be very selective then I suggest that you use the search facility at the top left hand of the page and key your search phrase in. Something like "cherries and no chillies" should bringup a list of recipes with this specific selection. It's an advanced tool and maybe a bit frustarting to use at first but very powerful.

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